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In an effort to enhance efficiency, improve productivity and enhance profits, business analysis services performed by an independent and professional business consultant can be a key activity in identifying a company's problems and the steps necessary to implement a set of solutions.  Many companies and senior management of organizations, recognize that a  trained and experienced 'outsider' often will find new issues and answers that may be obfuscated by the traditional organization and daily business activities.  The added focus on these business issues based on many similar experiences in other (often non-related) businesses provides insightful experience in how other organizations have solved similar business problems.


Some methods used to gather information include:

  • Structured interviews of employees, vendors, customers at all levels.  Including management, general labor and clerical personal.
  • Analysis of profit and loss relating to business activities.
  • Business work flows that identify potential problem areas, process improvement opportunities and bottlenecks or business flow constraint points.
  • Assessment of strategic and tactical business plans.  Identification of the critical success factors for the business and how well these factors are applied to the business process and implemented.
  • Analytical of root causes of business process issues, problems or flow constraints.  Development of practical improvement recommendations and solutions to enhance the process and eliminate the constraints.
  • Evaluate the business issues at each client company in light of previous experience.  Contribute success factors developed in other lines of business or other enterprises that will aid in enhancing business process flows and profitability.
  • Provide independent business perspective that rises above the obfuscation of daily business issues to develop the business focus necessary to solve problems and enhance profitability.